Large Quantity of Mill and Lathe Tooling….. CALL

  • CAT 50, CAT 40, BT 40, BT 30, NST 50, NST 40
  • End Mill Holders, Collet Chucks, Bilz Floating Tap Holders, Face Mill Holders, Morse Taper Holders
  • Adjustable Boring Heads (Rough & Fine), Face Mills, End Mills, Taps, Drills
  • Hydraulic Chucks, Cham Drills, Indexable Drills, Boring & Threading Bars
  • Turning Tools, VDI Tool Holders, Live Tool Holders
  • Sandvik, Vari-Lock, Capto, Valenite, Walters, SECO, Carboloy, Kennemetal….

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